Who We Are

We empower African candidates with useful employment information and connect them to both employers and capacity builders so that they can gain relevant skill training and employment opportunities.

Our Vision

We hope that as more technology enabled jobs come to Africa, millions of young Africans will be able to reap its benefits through gainful employment, and employers both on the continent and around the world, can experience the brilliance of African talent.

Our Journey

In early 2016, the 5 of us came together to solve a problem we had personally experienced or seen on the continent: how to help the millions of unemployed graduates in Africa find work. We worked as a job board and recruitment firm for about a year and noticed that the problem in the job market is not a lack of opportunities. Rather, employers could not find market ready candidates and candidates did not know where or how to gain the market skills employers want, leaving everyone everyone frustrated.

In response, we have created a platform connecting candidates to both opportunities to get trained and those to get hired. By creating a platform where these three groups interact and engage, we create more opportunities for both candidates and capacity builders, and more market candidates for employers.

Message From Our Cofounder

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. We are grateful that you have found us here and hope you will join us as we work towards our vision. I am always available for conversation and feedback about this work. Do email us at info@myjobplug.com and let us take the conversation from there.